August 10, 2016

Fundamentals of GC

The new, reworked Gas Chromatography (GC) training course is set up for both experienced users, enabling them to “put everything together”; as well as for beginners where this course would definitely give them a head-start. The course is The use of theoretical practicals, based on GC optimization software, enhances the understanding of this analytical separation technique and allows for a generic understanding of GC operation, regardless of make. Advanced sample introduction systems in GC are also discussed.

To date a number of these successful courses have been run. Companies and Institutions who have sent delegates on this course include:

Course content

  • Introduction, applications, history, principles and systems
  • Theory of chromatography
  • Equipment in GC: Gasses, injectors and detectors
  • Sample preparation and techniques
  • Column phases and dimensions
  • Method development
  • Method and systems validation
  • Integration checks
  • Calibrations and quantitation
  • Care and use of columns and and equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advanced techniques

Training evaluation

All delegates are required to complete a questionnaire at the end of course. Certificates are issued on successful completion of the test.

About the trainer

Daniel Garside has a Master of Science degree from UCT and has had over 27 years of chromatography experience. His specific GC experience has been in developing methods at a pharmaceutical company, Lennon Limited (now Aspen Pharmacare); being responsible for the sale and application support of the Shimadzu GC and GC-MS systems for 6 years; and is currently extensively involved with Tekmar’s GC sample introduction systems, such as Purge and Trap, and Headspace, which he holds the agency for LabHouse in Southern Africa for over 7 years. He has traveled overseas numerous times to Japan, USA, Asia, Middle East and Europe for training on GC and related techniques during his career. At present he is MD of LabHouse, a company specializing in lab equipment sales and lab related training courses