February 17, 2016

LabHouse Staff

DMG1Daniel Garside (MD)

(083) 384-5299


Daniel is well known in the analytical instrument sales market. He holds a Master of Science degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Cape Town and has over 30 years of analytical instrumentation experience in both application and sales, particularly in the field of organic chemical analysis. His technique specialization is both in HPLC and TOC, but includes experience in GC, Headspace and Purge and Trap technologies.

He has previously worked at Lennon Limited (now Aspen Pharmacare), one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Southern Hemisphere, as a Research and Development Chemist, developing and validating HPLC and GC methods for the Quality Control laboratory. He was then Beckman Instruments’s HPLC Product specialist for 4 years, selling and supporting the very successful System Gold HPLC, as well as developing and running the local Beckman HPLC Training Courses. In 1990 he set up Kayprime, where he ran successful HPLC courses, sold HPLC software, DryLab, as well as consulting to various clients in HPLC work.

Daniel then spent the next 6 years at the Scientific Group, marketing Shimadzu HPLC and GC systems and providing support and training to Shimadzu HPLC users. He became renowned for his knowledge and ability on the HPLC technique. He went on to become the Analytical Sales Manager and was involved in other analytical chemical techniques, such as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis.

With the commencement of LabHouse, he took over the distributorship for the Tekmar-Dohrman (now Teledyne-Tekmar) TOC systems and has gained invaluable experience in both UV-Persulphate and Combustion TOC systems. With his involvement with Tekmar he has also gained valuable experience in their Purge and Trap and Headspace systems for GC (VOC products)


raoul 115x126

Raoul Coetzee

Area Sales and Service Manager



Raoul Coetzee joined Labhouse in May 2015 as area Sales and Service Manager and adds value to the team with vast experience in Chromatography and Spectroscopy. He is at ease with sales and service, understanding the importance of pre- and post sales performance. Originally trained in electronics with emphasis on microprocessor control and instrumentation, he found a more satisfying career in the laboratory business and has more than 26 years of experience in GC, GC-MS, HPLC, Flash Chromatography, ICP, ICP-OES, FTIR, AA,DC-Arc, UV/Vis, NIR and more. He received extensive product training in sales and service and is well known in the Cape area where he is based.


Rudy Del Piccolorudy

Sales Manager


Rudy joined Labhouse in July 2015 and brings a huge amount of knowledge in Analytical Scientific techniques.  He has joined us as the Area Sales Manager and will be responsible the SCION GC and GCMS, Tekmar TOC, headspace and purge and trap markets, a powerful combination of two top brand products.  Rudy studied at the Pretoria Technikon and achieved his diploma in Analytical Chemistry, while working at UCOR site at the Atomic Energy Corporation facility in Valindaba.  Nothing can be said about that period, but that he did do chromatography research using a Varian GC and many other analytical techniques.

His introduction to chromatography came to him early in his career as he worked for six months as the assistant to Prof. Victor Pretorius at the University of Pretoria (who was one of the persons that developed the first Flame Ionization Detector – 01 December 1956).

After a number of years in research, Rudy moved on to sales and became very successful in representing the Varian brand in GC, HPLC, and Ion Trap MS.  After 18 years with the same company he decided to take a more responsible career and became the Director of the South African subsidiary of PANalytical.

His passion for chromatography led him back to the selling market, where for the last two years Rudy headed the Analytical Division responsible for the DANI instruments GC and TOF and the JASCO HPLC and spectroscopy instruments.  Then the call of the wild beckoned him back to his first encounter with chromatography; the VARIAN GC, formally Bruker and now SCION Instruments.  With his experience, his main focus will be to aggressively market the SCION and Tekmar products.