October 20, 2016

Scion Instruments




Scion Instruments

Scion Instruments inherits a technology that has a fantastic heritage. Under Varian, the GC and GC-MS systems and CDS software became a leader in the petro, petrochemical and energy sectors by developing innovative solutions to meet their demanding requirements. In recent years, a great deal of effort and resources to re-develop and create the Scion range offering world class applications in industrial and research markets. Scion Instruments will now support these products with a dedicated team that will focus 100% on ensuring that customers remain delighted with their technical and applications support.

Scion GC

SCION GCs provide the ultimate capability for today’s analytical laboratory. The ultimate in GC platforms can be configured to handle virtually any GC analysis from the most basic single injector/detector to the most complex multi-valve/multi-column custom analyzers.

A new platform designed to deliver top performance today and inspire further developments tomorrow. SCION Gas Chromatography (GC) systems provide analysts with faster separations, increased data quality, and maximum flexibility in a range of easy-to-use and robust platfor436_w-autosamplerms.

SCION™ GC platform provides the ultimate capability for today’s analytical laboratory. Available in two models: The space-saving SCION 436-GC and the full-featured SCION 456-GC.  New features designed to enhance productivity, robustness, and ease-of-use. The platform offers more than 50 custom configurations supporting a wide range of applications including our GC Analyzer solutions packages.

  • Three injectors, four detectors (inclusive of MS)
  • New fast acquisition speeds up to 600 Hz
  • Provides simultaneous data acquisition
  • Fast oven heat-up rates in excess of 170 ºC/min
  • Increased oven capacity
  • Supports over 50 GC Analyzers (ASTM, GPA, DIN, EN)
  • Large touch screen interface
  • Supports 13 Languages

Scion GC Analysers

Scion Instruments configures and tests GC hardware and software according to widely used industry standard methods (e.g. ASTM, UOP, EN, ISO, GPA), to save its clients time and to ensure confidence in results. Standard analyzers are configured to meet the performance specifications outlined in the method itself. In addition Scisi_product_gcanalyzers2on experts are ready to help consult, design and deliver a system to meet any unique application. Each GC analyzer system will include:

  • Software (special applica­tion “plug-ins” when appropriate)
  • Pre-installed methods
  • Test chromatograms
  • Installation/validation data
  • User documentation customized to the specific method

 CompassCDS Software

CompassCDS is a scalable, readily configured, easy-to-use software solution for all of your gas chromatography instrument control, data collection and analysis needs. CompassCDS includes a wide variety of standard data processing functionality, as well as numerous plug‑ins, that enhance your capabilities to generate outstanding results and deliver clear, concise reports.

  • Operator friendly – simple, industry proven, GC data solution
  • Secure, centralized administration
  • Seamless integration with LIMS and SCADA systems

 Scion GC-MS456_sq

The SCION SQ single quadrupole GCMS continues to demonstrate outstanding performance due to its industry leading innovations. By understanding, and then designing to exceed the most critical performance and reliability needs of GC users, the Scion SQ delivers is a system that is especially for, and all about, the ultimate success of the GC user.

  • Axial fly-through source for extended robustness and enhanced inertness
  • Curved q0 eliminates neutral noise providing exceptionally low detection limits
  • Full scan/SIM mixed mode scanning, library searching and high sensitivity detection
  • Lens free design – 6 months (sample dependant) with no cleaning
  • Added helium for band channeling
  • Summary of SCION SQ Model