August 10, 2016


types-of-connectors1LabHouse’s analytical laboratory product offering is predominantly based on organic chemistry testing with some of the best agencies in these lines: We specialize in the high tech field of TOC and VOC determinations with GC and GC-MS systems and Thermal Desorption sample introduction systems.  We have dedicated, highly trained individuals to tackle each of these product portfolios.

On the high-tech side, we supply Total Organic Carbon Analysers and Volatile Organic Carbon Sample Introduction Systems to GC and GC-MS (That is, Headspace and Purge and Trap systems) in both water and air samples. These TOC and VOC products are from International market leaders, Teledyne-Tekmar, the GC and GC-MS line from Scion Instruments and the Thermal Desorption Systems from Entech. To date we lead the supply of TOC systems in South Africa, having over 70 installed units. We have won numerous sales awards from Teledyne-Tekmar since 1999. On the support side, besides having a knowledgeable MD and Sales Manager, we also have dedicated  Business Specialists who handle these products in various industries.

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