August 10, 2016

Fundamentals of TOC

This one-day training course has been established based on the need in many laboratories as this is often a little understood methodology. Total Organic Carbon analysis is a growing analytical technique which originated in the environmental market for water testing and has now expanded to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries and for all those who need to test the purity of their water. This course looks at the principles of TOC, the analytical methodology (TC-IC or NPOC) as well as the different oxidation techniques available (UV-persulphate and high temperature combustion). Also covered in the course is the choice of analyzer which is dependent on the analytical application. The comparison of COD and BOD with TOC is covered extensively. The course also covers the use of TOC in the analysis of purified water and at it’s use as an analytical tool in cleaning validation which has become particularly important in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries.

Although LabHouse are agents for renowned TOC suppliers, Tekmar, this is not a sales-oriented course, but rather it uses this association as a strength in addressing the need for understanding TOC fundamentals. The course is aimed at anyone remotely involved or interested in TOC, water testing or cleaning validation, as well as those wishing to expand their analytical capability and knowledge.

Attendees of the course to date have included companies such as African Products, Bioclones, PPC Cement, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Adcock Ingram Healthcare and Sasol Synthetic Fuels.
Some comments on the course

“Simple and easy course/concepts easy to understand”
“Very informative as I had little knowledge of TOC”

About the Lecturer

TOC lecturer Daniel Garside has had over 9 years experience on TOC systems and applications. An MSc graduate from UCT, he was responsible for the sale and support of Shimadzu TOC systems and now is responsible for the Tekmar TOC systems at LabHouse. He has experience in both UV-Persulphate and Combustion TOC systems and has also been overseas for extensive TOC training in The Netherlands. Application markets that he has been involved with in TOC have been very diverse, further adding to the level of experience offered with this course.

Course Contents

  • What is TOC?
  • The techniques of old and comparisons
  • TOC methodologies: TOC by difference (TC – IC) and by sparge (NPOC) determinations and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Oxidation techniques available and the comparisons
  • Basic systems and their layout
  • Different detection techniques, NDIR and conductivity
  • Application areas and choices of system and methodology
  • On-line versus lab systems
  • Particulate analysis
  • Salt water analysis
  • Purified water analysis – low level analysis
  • Pharmaceutical waters, purified, WFI and others
  • Cleaning validation and CIP
  • Future market applications

VENUE: LabHouse Training Room
Regularly throughout the year
Available on request
One day
011 463 5760