August 10, 2016

HPLC Training Course

Based on the successful “Kayprime” HPLC training courses of the early 1990’s, these courses have been extensively updated and revamped. All you need to know about HPLC, the theory, practical aspects, new developments and intuitive thinking is instilled in the 2 courses. The course has been separated into Beginners and Advanced courses to suit your needs, although to obtain maximum benefit it is recommended that the full comprehensive course be selected. The course relies on the use of theoretical practicals based on real-life examples, as well as the use of DryLab HPLC optimization software which is used to model parameter changes. No other HPLC course can offer these capabilities in coming to grips with the terms and aspects of this technique.

To date a number of these successful courses have been run. Attendees of the course to date have included delegates from diverse industries and include amongst others:

The course can also be run in-house and customized for your specific needs, anywhere in the country.
Some of the comments on the course

On the course itself:

“Very good detailed explanations and practical applications to back up”
“Every concept was clearly illustrated”
“Solved all the problems I have experienced so far”

On the theoretical practicals:

“It seems to cover about everything and really boost your knowledge and confidence in HPLC work”
“After this course I know more about practical HPLC than before”
“Real life situations well put through”
“All I can say is that for me, the course was excellent because it really built the confidence in myself”

On the lecturer:

“….really made sure you understand a concept clearly”
“Well put together. The lecturer prepared very well for the lectures”

About the lecturer

HPLC expert Daniel Garside has been involved with HPLC for over 27 years. He has an MSc in Analytical Science from UCT having exclusively worked on HPLC assays in his post graduate years. He spent a year at Lennon Limited in the R&D department developing HPLC methods for the QC pharmaceutical field. He was Beckman’s HPLC Product Specialist for 4 years where, besides the sales and support on the new System Gold HPLC, he also devised and ran the local Beckman HPLC Training courses. In 1990 he joined Kayprime where he ran a number of successful HPLC courses as well as consulting to various clients in HPLC work. This was followed by a more recent 6-year period selling Shimadzu HPLC systems and providing support and training to Shimadzu HPLC users. He is very well known throughout the country for his knowledge and ability on the HPLC technique. At present he is MD of LabHouse, a company specializing in contract laboratory work, laboratory equipment, chromatography consumable sales, as well as training in various laboratory techniques and systems.