September 6, 2016

Thermal Desorption


Entech Instruments is a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical instrumentation that supports professionals around the world in the Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Food & Beverage, Product Testing, Forensic, and Clinical Analysis markets. We specialize in the creation of inert sample collection equipment as well as GC and GC/MS sample preparation and introduction technologies.

Many of these products feature Silonite™, their proprietary ceramic coating that is designed to render stainless steel tubing, canisters, and other sampling equipment as inert as a GC column. They provide our customers with complete solutions and support for “analytical grade” air monitoring products and headspace GC/MS inlet systems that can sample, store, and recover virtually all gas chromatography compatible compounds.

Over the past 2 decades, Entech has contributed more to the field of sample preconcentration than any other company. Innovations in sample preparation for GC/MS analysis include:

  • Microscale Purge & Trap
  • Extended Cold Trap Dehydration
  • Large Volume Headspace
  • Pulsed Vacuum Extraction

Lab Instrumentation / Sample Preparation & Extraction Products

  • 7200 Pre-concentrator

The 7200 Preconcentrator represents the next generation in GC and GCMS sample preparatio7200-preconcentratorn systems for the analysis of vapor-phase volatile compounds. The 7200 takes the industry standard, 7100A’s 3-stage preconcentration and water management technology, and elevates it to a whole new level.

Many of the past limitations often seen in rotary valve based devices are now eliminated by combining digital valve isolation control with advanced robotic autosamplers, dropping the potential for carryover and cross-contamination far below previously obtainable levels.


Quantitative Measurements: Volumes from 0.5–1000cc. Digital flow path management for precise volume determination of complex gas matrices including: Landfill Gas, Helium Diffusion Sampling, High Methane, and more!

Ultra-Wide Calibrated Dynamic Range: Handles high & low concentrations with fewer dilutions.

Silonite–D® Coated Flow Paths: Silonite-D® provides amazing inertness, durability, and corrosion resistance you can trust!

  • Sorbent Pens™

Introducing Entech’s exciting new Sorbent Pen™ technology. The most versatile extraction and sample sorbentpen_blueorings_01preconcentration technology available for GC and GCMS. Sorbent Pens combine the features of SPME and classical ¼” adsorbent traps in a design with far more ­flexibility and enhanced performance. Sorbent Pens™ are extremely durable and are designed to perform sampling either in the field or in the laboratory, either actively or via diffusion at atmospheric pressure or under a vacuum. The sorbent pen is then desorbed directly onto the head of a GC column to eliminate losses associated with standard ¼” TD trap desorption systems that must transfer samples through a lengthy transfer line prior to delivery onto the GC column. Two versions are available to optimize performance depending on the application. The Micro Sorbent Pen™ has an extremely small volume that delivers the sample to the GC column almost instantly, providing injection rates comparable to liquid nitrogen focusing traps, without requiring liquid nitrogen or any other coolant, or the complexity of electronic cooling. The Micro Sorbent Pen™ has an extremely wide range of applications, from active or diffusive air sampling, water analysis of volatiles and SVOCs including endocrine disruptors and pharmaceuticals, flavour and taints odours in foods, and static testing of product emissions.

Applications include:


Amines & Nitroaromatics Pesticides
Clinical, Forensic, Bioanalytical Phenols
Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs Preservatives
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Semivolatiles
Environmental Solvents
Foods, Flavors & Fragrances Volatiles
Gases & Hydrocarbons Odours
Indoor and Ambient Air Quality

Taints & Off-Flavors

For a complete list of applications, visit

  • 5 8 0 0 Sorbent Pen™ Desorption Unit

Both the Sorbent Pen™ and Micro-Sorbent Pen™ can be analyzed using the 5800 SPDU. After sample enrichment, simply insert the Sorbent Pen™ into the 5800 SPDU, and press START on the 5800 SPDU Controller. The complete desorption process is performed automatically to transfer both volatile and semi-volatile compounds onto the GCMS for extremely sensitive and accurate headspace analysis. Precisely control the desorption temperature to either limit or maximize the molecular weight range transferred onto the column. A unique desorber design utilizes a Silonite® coated flow path, allowing simple liner replacement to maintain maximum inertness for optimum performance. Options are available for automated Internal and Surrogate Standard Addition to ensure the greatest degree of quantitative accuracy and quality assurance. Methods are created and stored on the same PC operating the GCMS. Develop methods using this entry level solution and then add the 7800 Autosampler when you are ready to fully automate the analysis of up to 90 Sorbent Pens™.

  •  70 3 2 A Autosampling Systems

The 7032AQ / 7032AB Autosampling system automates the introduction of up to 21 MiniCans™, Bottle-Vacs™, or Tedlar® bags into a 7200 Preconcentrator. The 7032A(x) is ideal for gas-phase volatiles applications where concentrations are expected to be within 0.5–200PPBv. For higher concentrations, a loop injection valve can be added (7032AQ-L, 7032AB-L) to allow much smaller volumes to be accurately measured. With a loop injection valve installed, these autosamplers can easily attach directly to a GCMS without any need for preconcentration. For wider dynamic ranges in concentrations (0.05–100,000PPBv), a 7650 Autosampler is recommended to minimize exposure times to inlet lines.

The 7032A(x)-L autosampler provides 21-position loop injection for automated GCMS analysis of 0.1–200PPM VOCs sampled into Bottle-Vac™ samplers or 450mL–1.4L MiniCans™. Two versions make it simple to order an autosampler that is configured for either MicroValves™ (7032AQ-L) or Tedlar® Bags (7032AB-L). The 7032A(x)-L can be attached directly to a GCMS with an optional cryofocuser for maximum resolution of light VOCs for loop sizes over 0.25cc. A flow controller allows programmable splitting of sample or standards to effectively reduce volumes injected on-column.

The 7032A(x)-L supports spiking of surrogates directly into each canister before analysis, greatly enhancing reliability and defensibility of the generated data.

The 7032AB-L features hand-tight thumbwheels for easy, tool-free connection to Tedlar® bags with 316” sampling ports.

Detection limits that are possible with the 7032A(x)-L autosamplers are ultimately analyzer dependent. Newer mass spectrometers are capable of detecting VOCs down to 10–20PPB using 1.0cc loop injection and cryofocusing.

  • Entech 7200 / 7650-M Million Air

Introducing the 7200 | 7650-M, MillionAir™ Analysis System. The most advanced instrument7200_7650-mation ever developed for analysis of volatile and light semi-volatile compounds in air and soil gas. Now, analyze any size canister in your inventory with the quality assurance of direct inlet robotics. The 7650-M features the new MillionAir™ option that includes the ability to perform rapid screening of samples without exposure to the 7200 Trapping system, thereby maintaining far superior system hygiene relative to other preconcentration systems. The 7650-M autosampler minimizes carryover when exposed to high concentration samples by combining brief sample contact time, zero dead-volume canister connections, and Accu-Sample™ technology found in the 7200. Accu-Sample™ completely isolates samples within specific, low-volume ‑low-path segments, and prevents trap exposure during important sample select and preflush operations. The dual 0.1cc loop in the 7650-M and 1cc loop in the 7200-01 allows a vastly extended range when combined with the accurate 10–1000cc preconcentration range of the 7200. The result is greater dynamic range and reduction in the number of sample dilutions required when analyzing soil gas and other high-concentration samples.

Air / Gas Sampling & Handling Products

  • Micro-Valves QT/QT2 Valves

The internal Silonite® coated sealing spring in a MicroValve™ is stronger than those used in Swagelok® Miniature Quick Connects, to further reduce the potential for leaks even at cold storage temperatures (-15°C). A compression fitting cap is also available, which when used with the MicroValve™ creates a lower combined leak rate than any other currently accepted canister valve.

  • Silonite MiniCans for TO Vacuum Sampling

MiniCansTM are the next generation of air sampling canisters from Entech. Designed for tool-free operation and advanced robotic analyzers, Silonite® treated MiniCans™ allow the recovery of a wider range of compounds than any other sampling canister – including semi-volatiles up through the full diesel range and C25 hydrocarbons.

  • Silonite Classical Canisters for TO Vacuum Sampling

We are the only manufacturer to offer the unsurpassed range, quality, and reliability of McDaniel Controls, Inc. gauges along with our exclusive, ¼” compression canister / TOV™ fitting design. The compression fitting connects easily to a dual stem canister, or our new dual port TOV™ without any need for Teflon® tape!

  • CS1200E Flow Controller

Low Level TO-15 monitoring requires consistent analyte recovery while collecting the maximum sample volume possible to support larger preconcentration volumes or repeat analyses from the same canister. The CS1200E will reliably fill canisters at a constant rate with better demonstrated recovery of TO-15 compounds than any other sampler.

  • HDS Personal Monitors

Entech has engineered a new “twist” in whole air monitoring that eliminates many of the potential sources of error found in other sampling methods. Unlike other monitoring approaches such as tubes and badges, the new HDS™ Monitor enables compounds to remain in the gas phase where chemicals are much less likely to interact.

  • Carrying Cases & Shipping Supplies

Several carrying cases are available for MiniCan™ and Bottle-Vac™ samplers. Options are based on the number and size of canisters needing to be shipped. Refer to the chart below for canister and valve compatibility. Custom kits can be made using PN 29-20810 which has pre-cut foam inserts to accommodate canisters, samplers, and test gauges.

Ultra Inert Silonite™ Coating Solutions

  • Custom Silonite® Coating

Any 300 series stainless steel or glass shape can be Silonite® coated. Entech coats OEM parts for a variety of uses, and in various industries.

  • Silonite® Capillary Injection

Silonite® coated GC Injection Liners provide a “no-bleed” solution for the analysis of reactive compounds. Available to ­t most common GC models.

  • Silonite® Coated Tubing

Silonite® tubing can be further deactivated in a proprietary process which results in an incredibly thin, low-bleed coating. Our deactivated Silonite® tubing provides the best inertness for chromatography applications. Polar and reactive compounds show even better GC injection profiles with reduced tailing during analysis.

  • Silonite® Treated Loops

Silonite® Coated Loops are pre-bent before coating. This creates the most inert internal surface possible. Loops are batch tested using dry, polar standards at room temperature to verify complete inertness.