August 19, 2016





POLLUTION is an experienced designer and manufacturer of analytical instruments for the on-site chemical analysis of volatile compounds.

Since 1991 POLLUTION is a leader in microGC and emissions FID technologies. Markets served: Environmental, Energy&Process (natural gas, petrochemical), Health&Safety.

POLLUTION’s young and highly motivated team, on top of providing continuous innovation, works projected towards customer needs and satisfaction.


POLLUTION proudly has a modern R&D facility with people focused on high technology and innovative analytical instruments design. Drives successful partnerships with universities and research centres in Italy and worldwide. Is involved in co-financed (European & national funds) research projects with his partners. Produces his own instrumentation at Bologna location, in the heart of the most advanced Italian technological district.


The Quality of the products and service is of capital importance for POLLUTION. This process of continuous improvement is determined by our focalization on the client’s needs, our attention to detail, and the systematic verifications of the activities.

POLLUTION is quality certified in reference to ISO9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO13485:2012, for design, manufacture and sale of analytical systems and medical devices.



Easy & Reliable

The innovative modular system allows the analysis of complex environmental matrixes with a single sample. GCX can simultaneously analyse samples on up to four independent microGC channels. Each channel (or module) is a self-contained GC comprised of a micro-machined injector, detector, and high-resolution capillary column.gcx-brochure

This modular design delivers maximum application flexibility, allowing you to replace individual modules in minutes to adapt quickly to different application needs. Thanks to high-speed detection system, you can complete most of the analysis in seconds. Designed for accurate analysis in a short time, the GCX can be used in all on-line applications typical in industrial production, refineries, and for continuous monitoring of air in industrial hygiene.


Zinc-coated steel chassis and a careful study of the GCX structure makes it a rugged instrument. It can perform complex analysis under the most demanding conditions; suitable for the most extreme applications of typical on-line analysis where unattended remote monitoring is required.

Continuous on-line monitoring

After installation and initial configuration, GCX is designed to operate for unattended monitoring. The volatile compounds present in the air or in a gas stream is analysed on-line, providing a continuous monitoring of various chemicals in a single analytical run connected to the instrument.


The modular design delivers maximum application flexibility and minimizes method development lead-time. The universal thermal conductivity detector, 10 times more sensitive than traditional TCDs, allows to detect commmemson gas components in the low ppm range.

Choice of three injectors:

  • Variable volume: allows greater analysis flexibility, even with low ppm samplesinjector
  • Fixed volume: helps you achieve maximum repeatability
  • Backflush: removes unwanted contaminants from your analysis

Sample conditioners extend sample handling capability by ensuring gas-phase sample introduction. For instance sample stream with high pressure can be easily analysed by GCX after the appropriate pre-conditioning stage. Built-in LAN connectivity allows remote access to the instrument and its data, so it is possible to conduct the analysis wherever LAN connectivity is available.


  • Natural Gas Composition
  • Ethylene Oxide in a Sterilisation Facility
  • Carbon Disulphide emissions from a Rayon production plant
  • Submarines Automatic Air Quality Monitoring


  1.  Multipoint Sampler, the MPX Multipoint Sampler is built for continuous sampling on following applications:
  •  Industrial & Hospital Environmental air monitoring
  • Environmental emissions from industrial processesmpx-front
  • Process monitoring for low corrosive and humid compounds
  • Process monitoring for medium corrosive and humid compounds

The instrument manages 8, 16, 24 or 32 sampling points. It has a rack shape in order to be easily fitted in normal industrial racks and better integrated with existing systems.

MPX is equipped with 4-button keypad display for dialogue with the user and for manual control. The display always shows the selected and active point and shows the any faulty conditions or required maintenance. MPX, in fact, keeps continuously monitored the status of the pump, the proper operation of the valves and the state of the filters.

Easy & Reliable

Due to internal architecture with electrovalves and pneumatic modularity, the product is simple and reliable. The MPX had been projected specifically for 19’’ rack installations, but can be used also for occasional short period monitoring activities without installation. It can be used by manual control or driven by MC-Plan software with a complete automatic pattern setup possibility.2-gcx-mpx-suite

Rugged & Quiet

Zinc-coated steel chassis make MPX a rugged instrument without vibrations and noiseless. The pumps are installed on a double no-vibrant dedicated structure.


The instrument can be customised for specific applications due to his flexible modularity. By hanging pumps, materials, tubes dimensions it is possible working with different lengths/diameters of sample lines or even sample humid or corrosive gases.


In each line there is a sinterized filter which can be changed in few minutes without disconnect all single lines. In case of obstructed filter, the MPX immediately alarms.

Auto–Diagnosis and Remote Diagnosis: The display shows all the main information regarding the selected points and the status. The system constantly monitors operating parameters and shows the pumps status, and the filters status. A trained technician can remotely have access to the instrument diagnostic system.

2. EDU-3 can be connected to Vega-GC (or between Vega-GC and Vega-MPS) to increase the contconmanf-edu_1centration of air samples, improving the GC sensitivity. It is based on the widely used technique of adsorption and thermal desorption from a cartridge containing an active phase, which selectively traps a family of components (aromatics, oxygenated etc…). It is therefore possible to increase the concentration of such components and reduce the interferences from others. The efficiency can vary from one component to another, but selecting the right active phase and the optimal operating conditions (like sampling time or adsorption and desorption temperatures) the sensitivity of Vega-GC can be improved by up to 100 times.

3.  MPS Vega-MPS can be connected to 8, 16 or 24 sampling lines, depending on the model.Vega-MPS cmps-h10onnects the micro-gas chromatograph to up to 30 sample points in a wide range around the instrument, through inert PTFE or steel pipelines. A pump sucks continuously from all lines, and a multi-point valve connects them cyclically to the analyzer, so that the next sample is always ready and fresh. MC-Plan software controls both sampler and analyzer. The analytical results are stored with date, time and sampling point, then the valve is shifted to the next position and a new sample is taken.

To avoid condensation of vapours, a version is also available with heated internal components.

4.  MPS-H10 Heated Multi-point Sampler “VEGA-MPS-H10”software-4

5.  MC-TUNE Calibration Software “MC-TUNE”, MC-2 is the Vega-GC operating system, with diagnostic features only.MC-Tune runs on an external PC, so that the user can create and calibrate analytical methods, and download them into the instrument memory.